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Does it look familiar ?

This dish drainer helps save counter space, fits with corner sinks and raised rim sinks, helps reduce dampness, odor, mold and mildew and looks great!

You may have seen or even owned THE DRAINBOARD before. More then 20,000 of these unique patented drainboards were sold at stores such as Fortunoff, Pergament and Hills.

Now THE DRAINBOARD is available only from APASS. It is not available in any store.

We, at APASS, are extremely proud that customers who have purchased THE DRAINBOARD have taken the time to express their satisfaction. To know that a customer is pleased with a product, which required much time and effort to develop, is a very rewarding experience.

We hope you will enjoy THE DRAINBOARD as much as prior customers have enjoyed it.

Thank You


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Customer Accolades

"I never saw such a unique product, I think it is great." "Five of my friends wanted to know how to get one after they saw The Drainboard on my counter."
A. Smith
Oklahoma City, OK

"It's perfect" "I love the drainboard"
L. Albanese
Commack, NY

"I like it so much and I would like to purchase another"
A. Vigliotti
Port Washington NY

"I bought your "The Drainboard" and said to myself, --finally, just what I need--"
"I hope to see this item at the supermarkets"
I. Farr
Darien, IL

"I came across your drainboard at our local Pergament store. It really is great. I no longer have puddles of water on the counter"
G. Schaber
Spring Vally NY